Maxwell Residence

Project Details

Maxwell Residence
Santa Barbara, CA
Private Client
Geotechnical Engineer of Record
Construction Dates:
Services Provided:

  • Foundation Investigation Report
  • Permitting
  • Inspections
  • Materials Testing

Maxwell Residence

The Maxwell Residence project consisted of a complete removal and reconstruction of an existing 3,000 SF slab-on-grade foundation after an underground waterline broke and saturated the highly expansive Rincon Shale Formation soils. The upheaval from the underlying expansive soils caused severe cracks in the foundation and house structure requiring an extensive retrofit. LaChaine and Associates provided the following services:

Foundation Evaluation – LaChaine and Associates completed an evaluation of the existing foundation including a manometer study to measure the deformation in the foundation and a review of past elevation studies and geotechnical and geological reports. Based on the evaluation of the foundation’s condition, LAA provided recommendations for the repair and restoration of the foundation.

Permit Approval – LaChaine and Associates represented the owner in working with the local agency to process all necessary information to obtain the permit for the work.

Special Inspection – The foundation repair included the addition of new grade beams, caissons, helical piles, over-excavation and re-compaction of underlying soils, and a complete replacement of the concrete slab. LaChaine and Associates provided special inspection for each phase of the foundation repair including inspections of reinforcing steel, concrete placement, concrete strength testing, helical pile installations, and soil compaction testing.