Lompoc Oil and Gas Plant

Project Details

Lompoc Oil and Gas Plant (LOGP)
Lompoc, CA
Freeport-McMorRan Oil & Gas (Formerly PXP)
Civil/Geotechnical Engineer of Record
Construction Dates:
Services Provided:

  • Geotechnical Report
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Surveying
  • Inspections
  • Materials Testing

Lompoc Oil and Gas Plant (LOGP)

The Lompoc Oil & Gas Plant (LOGP) in Lompoc, California is a fully operational oil and gas refinery for the Freeport-McMoRan Oil and Gas Company (Formerly Plains Exploration and Production (PXP)). Since its construction in the mid-80’s, the site has experienced localized settlement, manifesting in cracks in walls and concrete elements. In the past decade, multiple projects have addressed the settlement issues at the site.

LaChaine & Associates has provided design and construction support on various projects over that last 5 years. Since the site remains fully operational during construction, various constructability requirements must be met in the design phase. Below are a few of the key projects LaChaine & Associates has provided for LOGP:

Diatomite Steam Pilot Project (2013): 
Provided topographic survey and grading plans for this pilot program at an old oil well.

Free-Water Knockout (2012): 
Provided Geotechnical Design Report to provide recommendations for the design and construction of new vessel foundations and overflow catch basins.

Control Systems Upgrades (2012 – 2013): 
Provided a design level geotechnical report with foundation design recommendations for new pipe racks, an electrical vault, and a prefabricated shelter to house electrical equipment. Provided construction support services through design and construction. 

T-500 Tank Battery (2011):
Provided limited geotechnical report with recommendations for foundation design for a new 1,560 barrel bolted steel water tank at the existing Lompoc Tank Battery, following with testing, inspection, and observation (TIO) of soil compaction and rebar placement during construction.

Subsidence Study (2009):
Reviewed and provided design recommendations for various subsidence reports created from survey data collected annually since 1992. Assisted in response to the 2008 Best Available Safety Technology (BAST) Audit.

Various Underpinning Projects (2008 – present): 
Provided limited geotechnical report and design of a proprietary system of push piers to support various building and non-building structures, including the Operations Building, Vessels 250, 100, 140, and 1100. Each project required compaction testing, continuous special inspection, and observation (TIO) throughout installation.