Hercules Gas Plant

Project Details

Hercules Gas Plant Remediation – Phase I
Santa Barbara County, CA
URS Corp. for Shell Exploration and Production (SEPCo)
Civil and Geotechnical Engineer of Record
Construction Dates:
2007 – 2011
Services Provided:

  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Surveying
  • Inspections
  • Materials Testing

Hercules Gas Plant Remediation – Phase I

The Hercules Gas Plant Remediation was a mass grading and drainage construction project that consisted of the removal and replacement of a 7,000 CY fill slope, new storm drain facilities, and a storm water treatment system. LaChaine & Associates, Inc. provided the following design & construction support services:

Grading and Drainage Design – Complete grading and drainage design including 42” and 18” I.D. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) storm drains, and a 23’ w x 23’ l x 10’ h concrete energy dissipator box

Slope Stability – Thorough slope stability analysis of the proposed fill slope

Resident Engineer – managed day to day construction processing RFCs, RFIs, and reviewing and approving submittals

Surveying and Mapping – Provided aerial topography mapping, construction staking, surveying for groundwater monitoring wells, and surveyed and prepared as-built drawings

Soil Compaction Testing – Provided full time compaction testing throughout the project (over 300 tests) including submitting a final compaction test report to Santa Barbara County Planning and Development Department

Hydrologic Modeling – Complete hydrologic study of canyon and watershed to determine 100, 50 and 25-year flood parameters

Health and Safety Compliance – Complied with stringent Health and Safety Plan required on Shell oil field sites

Mobile Soils Lab – On site soils testing lab set up for immediate results

Special Inspection – Concrete & steel reinforcement special inspection

The Hercules Gas Plant Remediation required permits from various regulatory agencies. LaChaine and Associates assisted with some of the key permits required for the project:

  • County of Santa Barbara Land Use and Grading Permit
  • Coastal Development Permit
  • CaliforniaCentralCoast Regional Quality Control Board
  • California Department of Fish and Game Streambed Alteration Permit
  • Army Corps of Engineering Permits
  • Caltrans Encroachment Permit