Project Details

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital
Goleta, CA
Cottage Health System
Geotechnical Engineer of Record
Construction Dates:
2007 – Present
Services Provided:

  • Geotechnical Report
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Inspections
  • Materials Testing

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital

The Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital (GVCH) project consisted of the construction of a new 52-bed replacement hospital located in Goleta, CA. LaChaine & Associates provided the following design & construction support services:

Complete Geotechnical Report – LaChaine & Associates provided the foundation investigation reports, seismic studies, liquefaction studies, and reports for the new construction.

Ground Improvement Design and Inspection – Because of the existing loose silty material and high groundwater table, there was an increased potential for liquefaction.  In response, LaChaine & Associates provided the design of a network of over 2,300, 45-ft long stone columns to help stabilize the soil beneath the replacement hospital.

OSHPD Approval – LaChaine & Associates worked closely with the contractor (HBE Corp.) and the owner (Cottage Health System) to meet the very strict requirements for approval by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for this very unique project.

Custom Database – Due to the size and complexity of the ground improvement design a custom database was put together using Microsoft Access to aid in the quality control/quality assurance for the installation of the 2,300 stone columns.  The database kept records of all the data for every stone column and provided a huge time and money savings when it came time to put together the report for OSHPD.

Soldier Pile Wall Plan Review and Installation Inspection – Because the new hospital is being constructed in such a close proximity to the existing hospital, a soldier pile retaining wall was required for constructability of the new hospital foundation.  LaChaine & Associates reviewed the design of the retaining wall, provided comments and corrections, and were on site to inspect the installation.

Soil Compaction Testing – LaChaine & Associates provided soil compaction testing, inspection, and observation (TIO) for all soil compaction activities on site including subgrade preparation for foundations and footings, basement wall backfill, and backfill for various below-grade structures.