LAA Presents for KidZ Engineering 101

On August 2nd, Andrew Fuller from the LaChaine and Associates Goleta office gave a presentation on land surveying to the KidZ Engineering 101 class in Santa Barbara.  The presentation provided an introduction into the profession of land surveying showing how surveyors are involved throughout the life of a project from initial topographic surveys to construction staking to as-built records.  The kids also got an opportunity for hands-on learning by using a real total station and reflector rod to stake out a few points around the room.  The kids had a great time and hopefully they were able to catch a glimpse of what engineering is all about.  LaChaine and Associates enjoys taking the opportunity to give back to the community and hopes to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in the field of engineering.

KidZ Engineering 101, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides camps for kids where they take the knowledge they’ve learned in school and apply it to practical life through fun and creative activities.  It is intended to “Open their world to new technology and make them creators and inventors…”  Throughout the week the kids learned about the construction process from getting a permit to building completion and learned how to design and build like architects and engineers.  To find out more information about the camp, visit